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Dr. Parker's Patients:

"After a vehicle accident three years ago, I went through a year of treatment with chiropractors, neurologists, pain medication, anti depressants, sleep aids, electrical muscle stimulation, and cortisone steroid injections, I was still in constant pain. After reading Dr. Parker's ad in the paper I decided to try again to regain my life. Since beginning his care my life improved after the first week. Just being able to get on the floor with my baby and play without having to stay in bed the next day brings tears to my eyes. I have regained the ability to be an active part of my children's lives. I can't thank Dr. Parker enough."                                                                                                  -MS

"My youngest child suffered a very traumatic birth through c-section. Then went on to have surgery at the age of three months to correct a genetic deformity. He had difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and remained fussy from lack of sleep. He also had difficulty maintaining a good appetite as well as keeping his food down. He was sleep deprived, hungry, and under weight. Their was nothing his pediatricians or surgeons could do to help him. He has been seeing Dr. Parker for over a month and has gained 2.5 lbs, sleeps through the night, and laughs out loud on a regular basis. He is now a happy 7 month old."





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